For parents

  • Prevents cyberbullying.
  • Blocks social networks such as Facebook.
  • Blocks adult, offensive and malicious websites.
  • Enables access to particular websites only at a scheduled time.

For schools and libraries

  • Monitors the visited websites.
  • Blocks undesired content.
  • Creates screenshots.
  • Prevents from accidental accessing offensive content.

For Business

  • Blocks YouTube.
  • Blocks pornographic content.
  • Blocks Facebook and Skype.
  • Enables time limits.
  • Easy use and installation.

Family Parental Control Software

PCWebControl is easy to use and offers comprehensive solution for parents for controlling the Internet access on a personal computer. Parents are able to block access to certain websites as well as erotic and pornographic content; they can define their own blocking criteria. Thanks to this internet monitoring software, parental controls for computer or internet are really simple.

Is the parental control software free? Yes, we offer trial version completely free for 30 days!

Get the best parental control software and stop worrying about your kids.

Using PCWebControl is easy. You just need to set-up some criterias and the parental monitoring software will make everything you need.

Remember, that our software made not only for parental controls on internet. It’s also great solution for companies want to block some websites.

PCWebControl is compatible with the following operating systems Windows 7, 8 and 10.
PCWebControl works independently of the browser and network configuration.

PCWebControl uses an internal database of blocked websites, which is automatically updated.
Parents Around the World Agree!

“Thank you so much for your PCwebcontrol. It is important to me to protect my family. Everything is working fine. We use this software at our home and love it! Thank you very much for PCwebcontrol!” -John

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